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Well Organized Closet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organiser? 

A Professional Organiser can help get your home or office organised by decluttering and optimising your space to provide a functional system so everything in your home has a place and you can enjoy your home without feeling overwhelmed by unwanted items or cluttered spaces. 


How does your service work?  

In order to best understand your needs, we start by offering a consultation at a cost of $120 via phone, video call or in person. During this consultation, we can schedule your onsite session date and also discuss any products suggestions. 

During your onsite session, we start by decluttering your items and then categorising the remaining items that will be kept.  Following this, will be the organising part of the session. We will create a functional space that has been customised to meet your needs.  

After the session is completed, we can then discuss how to best maintain the space.  


Do I have to be home for the session? 

This is completely up to you. It may be more beneficial for you to be there during the decluttering phase so we can help you make decisions on what will stay and go. We are also happy to work by ourselves if no decluttering is required.  


How long will it take? 

This will depend on your space. We can give you an approximate time during your consultation however this will be an estimate and we will not know for sure until we are in the process. This will also depend on how fast you can make decisions on certain items while we are in the decluttering phase. Our minimum session is 4 hours.  

How do we contact you?  

You can contact us via email call us on 0478 761 758.  Alternatively, you can fill in the form on the Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Do I have to use storage products? 

This is completely up to you, however we do recommend containers or tubs to help organise different spaces. If you would prefer not to have any product, that’s not a problem either. We want to create a space that will work for you. We are also happy to reuse any items you may have on hand.  


How far do we travel? 

We can travel anywhere in Sydney, however we will charge a travel fee of 0.78c per km after 30kms from postcode 2765. 

How to make payment? 

We charge a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 to secure a date and this amount will come off your final invoice. Invoice will be sent at the end of our session with the remaining balance of the service and any additional products as agreed upon.  We accept direct deposit or cash. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

We know life gets busy and we only ask that you advise us at least 48 hours prior to your session to cancel or reschedule. If you cancel within this time frame, your deposit payment is non-refundable and an additional deposit will be required to schedule another date.  

What will happen with unwanted items? 

We will do our best to donate as many items as possible that are in good condition. We include one car load of donations to be removed in our service 

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